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Smart engine house

Romak Avije Sanat Sanat Arian company has presented a system by compiling and designing an optimal algorithm for controlling the engine room. Many technical points for the management of pumps and engine room equipment have been observed.

Smart Engine House
Smart Motor House
Smart Motor Home

Technical and economic dimension

Hyrkan smart engine room reduces the fuel consumption of engine rooms from 25 to 50%.

Hirkan Smart Engine House
Hirkan smart motor home
Smart Motor Home

accuracy, security, support

Reducing the amount of gas consumption - Reducing the amount of electricity consumed - Reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance - Increasing the life of equipment (boiler, burner, pump) - Reducing installation repairs - Reducing CO2 greenhouse gas emissions due to gas fuel - Keeping the building environment within the comfort temperature range

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Hirkan Smart Motorhome
Intelligent control system for heating engine room

Third rank of Kharazmi festival development plan

Construction of intelligent engine room fuel control and optimal management device
This company with Hyrkan product, due to its distinctive technical features, has succeeded in obtaining the top rank in the development projects section of Kharazmi International Festival.

Hirkan Smart Motorhome

Distinctive features of smart engine room

The features of Romak System's engine room intelligent control device can be expressed in two parts: general features and exclusive features. Many products in the market are out of service after a short period of time due to their defects, and based on studies done, the existing products do not fully meet the needs of customers. In fact, the special features of this device have been able to cover these defects well.

Creative design

The distinctive design and creative program embedded in the intelligent control system of the motor house has caused this device to have the ability to control and manage all types of central heating motor houses.

Internet of Things (IOT) based system

Using this feature, engine room temperature data and equipment performance are transferred to the central server, and the user can communicate through software related to his engine house.

Engine room intelligent troubleshooting

There is the ability to automatically troubleshoot the equipment and issue warnings through the software, and the user can also report on the performance of his engine room at specific time intervals.

Get ready engine room

This system has a smart standby mode, which can decide whether the engine room should be switched off or on standby according to the conditions of the building and engine room during non-working hours.

Engine room remote control

Control, monitoring and data transfer: Using SCADA software of this product, it is easy to monitor a large number of central heating engine houses at the moment. and issued relevant orders if necessary.

Intelligent Motorhome Program

Hirkan's various control strategies of the smart engine room system have led to the correct control and management of the engine room equipment and increasing the life of the equipment, as well as cost reduction.

About Romak System (Hirkan Smart Engine House)

Considering the importance of improving the consumption and increasing the efficiency of the country's engine houses, Romak Avije System of Sanat Arian has developed and designed an optimal algorithm for the control of the engine house, and has presented a system that, in addition to solving the mentioned problems, many technical points The direction of operation of pumps and engine room equipment is observed in it

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The ability of Hyrkan's smart engine room

Hirkan engine room intelligent management and control system is planned and designed in such a way that besides the comprehensiveness of its control logic, it is also responsive to the diverse configuration of engine rooms. Therefore, this device can support all types of engine room has The ability to control, monitor and issue remote commands in this device has provided the user with the possibility of maintaining a large number of engine houses online.

Reduce monthly cost
Longevity of engine room
engine room security
optimal heat
Economic and economical
Smart control

Why use a smart garage?


Hyrkan system reduces engine fuel consumption from 15 to 50 percent. In fact, this system firstly calculates the heat demand of a building with high accuracy and by adjusting the temperature of circulating hot water in the engine room according to Thermal demand leads to increased productivity and optimal energy consumption in the engine room.

Complying with technical considerations and correct management in starting the engine room equipment will lead to an increase in the life of the equipment. Hyrkan system, using intelligent algorithms, engine room equipment according to thermal needs The building uses, therefore, the installation of this system in central heating engine rooms can have significant effects in reducing the depreciation of engine room equipment.

One of the basic problems in engine houses is not adjusting the water temperature of the engine house according to the environmental conditions and the thermal needs of the building. In most cases, the building's thermal needs are not proportional to the heat produced by the engine room does not have. Therefore, there are many times when the internal temperature of the building is far from the comfort temperature. To adjust the water temperature of the engine room, in the first step, it is necessary to determine how much heat the building needs for heating at any moment of the day needs. With the research done on all types of engine houses, it was concluded that 4 main parameters play a role more than other parameters in the formula for calculating the thermal requirement of a building.


Smart Home Engine Strategies

Hirkan smart engine room has various strategies in terms of determining the optimal water temperature, optimal management and control of equipment, determining the working mode of the engine room according to the conditions, etc.

Intelligent regulation of engine room water temperature

In most cases, the building's heat demand has no proportion to the heat produced by the engine room. Therefore, there are many times when the internal temperature of the building is far from the comfort temperature. Control program according to index-based information The important aspects of the building consider a special temperature curve to regulate the engine room water temperature.

Engine room equipment management

The management logic governing this device is Master-Slave type or main and backup type. This means that the engine room capacity is used according to the needs of the building. For example, suppose an engine house has 2 boilers. When faced with such a system, the device considers one of the boilers as the main boiler and the other as the backup boiler...

Intelligent home engine scheduling

In many government offices, to keep the interior of the building warm in the early morning, the engine room is kept on during the night. This issue causes excessive consumption of energy (fuel and electricity) in the engine room. By applying the schedule In order to turn off and on the engine room, excessive consumption can be prevented.

Moto Khaneh standby mode

Complete shutdown of the engine room outside of working hours, especially in cold weather, leads to the loss of energy stored in the walls of the building. In such a situation, after turning on the engine room, a lot of energy is needed to complete the capacitive capacity of the walls of the building will be spent On the other hand, the ambient temperature may be such that the complete shutdown of the engine room is more desirable.

Intelligent engine room steering algorithm

The logic of the program in this system is able to manage all types of engine houses in different climatic conditions. After determining the amount of heat required for a building and the optimal temperature of boiler water, the device uses sensors located in different parts of the engine room. It is installed, starts monitoring and issuing orders...

Data transmission and control system

Advanced remote control is one of the advantages of Hyrkan's smart engine room system, which can show itself with accurate and real-time reporting, the use of modern algorithms and artificial intelligence in this The system caused Hyrcan Show yourself more distinct from other systems.

Achievements of our team

Licenses and approvals of intelligent control by Romac System

engine room automation
validation and scoring

Validation and Scoring
Smart garage
Establishment license - design and assembly

Establishment license - design and assembly
Intelligent engine room control
Patent Certificate

Patent Certificate

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Municipalities - Applied Science University - Technical and Vocational University - Payam Noor University - Behshahr University of Science and Technology - Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company - Mazandaran Regional Electricity - Allameh Amini Non-Profit University - New Technologies Specialized University - Amol Non-Profit University - Telecommunications Mazandaran Province - Mazandaran University and...

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Creating a smart garage
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Creating a smart garage
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Purchase of a smart motorhome
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Intelligent engine room control

What do customers say

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Since using Hyrkan's smart engine house, we have reduced the cost of bills by almost 60%.

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It is very good that our central engine room can be adjusted and viewed remotely, I am sure

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Using this system made me feel very comfortable and I don't need to increase and decrease the motor level of the house anymore

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Some completed projects of Hirkan Smart Engine House


Smart Engine House

Implementation of zero to one hundred smart motorhomes with Hirkan, with excellent economic efficiency

Hirkan Smart Engine Shop

Implementing a smart engine room and the possibility of using multiple boilers at the same time

Smart home engine

Optimization of energy consumption and lower monthly costs with the intelligentization of engine houses

Intelligence engine room

Intelligence of engine houses today is one of the ways to reduce engine house costs and have optimal and cost-effective temperature

Smart engine room

Intelligent engine room and remote control of the engine room and automatic temperature adjustment suitable for the outside temperature and thus reducing consumption costs

Hirkan - Smart Engine House

In Hirkan, in addition to solving the mentioned problems, many technical points for operating pumps and engine room equipment have been observed.

Intelligent, cost-effective garage

Economic engine house means this type of intelligent engine house reduces the fuel consumption of engine houses from 25 to 50%.

Cost reduction with a smart garage

By adjusting the temperature of circulating hot water in the engine room according to the heat demand, it leads to an increase in efficiency and optimal energy consumption in the engine room.
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