Smart engine house

Some examples of Hirkan Smart Engine House

Capabilities of Hyrkan's smart engine room system - It has an engine room standby mode or complete shutdown based on detection - The ability to transfer data to the central server if necessary and the necessary infrastructure exists - Schedule for turning off and turning on the engine room - Ability to automatically troubleshoot equipment and announce it - Special program for critical conditions in case of disconnection or failure of any of the temperature sensors - It has a control program to turn on the equipment and pumps with a time difference

Intelligence projects

Completed projects of smart engine room

Some completed projects of Hirkan Smart Engine House


Behshahr University of Science and Technology

control and execution of Hirkan smart engine house

Smart Engine House

Implementation of zero to one hundred smart motorhomes with Hirkan, with excellent economic efficiency

Hirkan Smart Engine Shop

Implementing a smart engine room and the possibility of using multiple boilers at the same time

Smart home engine

Optimization of energy consumption and lower monthly costs with the intelligentization of engine houses

Intelligence engine room

Intelligence of engine houses today is one of the ways to reduce engine house costs and have optimal and cost-effective temperature

Smart engine room

Intelligent engine room and remote control of the engine room and automatic temperature adjustment suitable for the outside temperature and thus reducing consumption costs

Hirkan - Smart Engine House

In Hirkan, in addition to solving the mentioned problems, many technical points for operating pumps and engine room equipment have been observed.

Intelligent, cost-effective garage

Economic engine house means this type of intelligent engine house reduces the fuel consumption of engine houses from 25 to 50%.

Cost reduction with smart engine room

By adjusting the temperature of circulating hot water in the engine room according to the heat demand, it leads to an increase in efficiency and optimal energy consumption in the engine room
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